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Information About the Band

LBJCB Overview

LBJCB uniform arm patch The Long Beach Junior Concert Band was organized in 1952 by director Marvin Marker.  LBJCB is the "Official Host Youth Band" for the City of Long Beach.  This award winning group is composed of dedicated individuals ages of 13 through 21 from Long Beach and surrounding communities.  The band has three main sections, the wind musicians (brass and woodwinds), the syncopated drum section (percussion), and the Pageantry Corps (tall flags and dancers).  LBJCB is a California Non-Profit Corporation and remains active through the efforts of band members, staff, and parents with monthly dues, fund raising activities and voluntary support.  The band has made several TV and movie appearances over the years and has traveled extensively throughout the Western United States, Hawaii, and in 1997 went on an international tour of Japan.  LBJCB performs throughout the year at several competitive and televised holiday parades, numerous local shows, and other civic events.


LBJCB uniform arm patch "Our Band Sticks Together" is the motto of the Long Beach Junior Concert Band.  It was established years ago by the bandsmen themselves as they realized that cooperative work and sticking together as an organization was vital to continued improvement and success.  It is a feeling and experience of extreme loyalty: of love for the band and mutual respect among its members.  It is that important "One for All - All for One" spirit; a concept of loyalty that is learned by all, and hopefully retained throughout each member's association with the band and applied throughout their adulthood.


"Character Building Through Music" is the creed of the Long Beach Junior Concert Band.  This means that the LBJCB not only makes music, but helps guide its teen-age members on the straight road to adulthood by offering opportunities to learn about life through disipline, intensive practice, competitive encounters creativeness, show business, success and sometimes failure.  This creed was established by the director in 1952 and remains as the dominant factor in the plans and philosophy of the Long Beach Junior Concert Band.

Our Band Sticks Together

Celebrating 72 Years of Excellence

"Character Building Through Music"

LBJCB Board of Directors

Dirk Barber, President
Carrie Daquiado, Treasurer
Lonny Daquiado, Secretary
Julie Gianessi, Recording Secretary
Jana Holmes, Member at Large

LBJCB Instructional Staff

Marvin Marker, Founder/Director
Philip Nakagawa, Assistant Director
Lonny Daquiado, Percussion Director

LBJCB Rehearsal Hall

Scottish Rite Event Center
885 Elm Avenue
Long Beach, CA  90813
(562) 498-4300
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Marching Practice Location

Boeing Parking Lot
NW corner of Wardlow Rd.
at Globemaster Way
Long Beach, CA  90807
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LBJCB Mailing Address

3553 Atlantic Ave. #1515
Long Beach, CA  90807
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